Date of Birth

Place of Birth





Risa Mizutani


Yokohama, Kanagawa, Japan


Japanese Traditional Dance(Bandou)、Anatomy( by「The Atlas of the Human Body」)、 English

Rakugo、Yoga、Meditation、Jogging、vegetarian、Horse riding、Travel, Shrine,Buddhist temple ,Image of buddha

Around the age of 3, started to learn Nihon Buyo(Japanese Traditional Dance).
Performed several Buyo stage demonstrations up to the age of 16.( Restarted Nihon Buyo(Bando Tradition) at the age of 35).
At the age of 19, enlisted Furano Juku(Private academy for artistic stage performances) in Furano, Hokkaido that enabled her to obtain the basis of stage performer as well as human well-being.
After the graduation of Furano Juku, from the age of 21 continued stage performances mainly at small theaters .
At the age of 26, joined in a company(recommending actors and actresses for movies and TVs) and continued activities mainly on TV Commercials.
(activities also in movies, TV dramas, narration on RADIO-CM, emceeing on a private event, still publicities for TV).
At the age of 32 and 34, experiences in overseas such as London, Paris, Vienna observing overwhelming stage performances and the journey(long time expected since young) to India(Delhi, Calcutta, Benares) encountered a beauty in poverty to alter the view of my life.
The above 2 journeys to overseas have made me a lot to be a captive of stage performances.
In order to be familiar with Japanese culture, participated several workshops of Kyogen and Rakugo.
Changed my life style to be as vegetarian.
At the age of 35, realized a dreamlike long stay in Christchurch, New Zealand to study English for 3 months. Have met warm hearted people to appreciated them.
At the age of 36, have transferred my working position to K.K.Shigoto.

☆ The most favorable roles in the past stage performances ☆
・The Queen Helene in 「Trojan Women」 by Sartre
・A whore in 「Maria Tachi」by Juro Miyoshi
・A prostitute in 「Inokori Saheiji」of Rakugo edited for stage performance
・A Hime of ice 「氷女」 an ancient story for children